Bangka Belitung Police Detain 46 Illegal Lead Miners This Week

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Illegal Mining Raid Operation (PETI Operation) held by the Bangka Belitung regional police detained 46 illegal lead miners. Bangka Belitung Police Chief of Public Relations Jojo Sutarjo said that the operation was conducted from August 1-12, 2023.

“During the week, 35 cases of illegal lead mining were presented, with 17 of which were already an Operation Target. The 46 suspects were identified as miners,” said Chief Commissioner Jojo Sutarjo to Tempo on Monday, August 14, 2023.

Jojo said that the illegal miners violated Article 158 of Law No. 3 of 2020 on the Amendment of the Mineral and Coal Mining Law. The majority of the violations were conducting mining without licenses in a Mining Business License area, protected forest, beaches, and watersheds.

“The provisions stated that every person who mines without a Mining Business License, Community Mining License, and Special Mining Business License, is subject to up to 5 years of imprisonment,” he said.

“The suspects were our targets in PETI Operation. A total number of 381 personnel were deployed during this operation. (PETI Operation) were conducted to maintain the stability and safety of the public worried about illegal mining,” Jojo added.

Meanwhile, Jojo revealed that the Bangka Belitung Regional Police disclosed 5 illegal mining cases with 10 suspects, while at the level of the Department Police, 30 cases were disclosed with 36 suspects. 

The police, Jojo added, also secured several pieces of evidence, namely mining tools such as machinery, pipes, hoses, jerrycans filled with fuel oil, and nine bags filled allegedly with lead.

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